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Paranjape Caterers
 Chimanbagh Chaal Block No. 40, Tilak Road, Pune - 411030
I have been in this business since I was 18 years old, I learned catering from my parents, I love cooking from the bottom of my heart. Making different dishes is my hobby as if… I also got caterers from my father-in-law's congregation. What about sugar in milk? My biggest reward is those who have the opportunity to cook and get a pat on the back.
I am completing 25 years of this business but no one asked me to publicize my business but due to my coincidence I met a software designer in one order .. then I get a lot of orders. All this is happening because of your blessing. Thanks ..
We will accept all types of meal orders on a wage and contract basis. Bars, dinners, birthdays and party orders will be accepted.
Delicious food is our specialty.